A – Aisles and Area Lighting

We have solutions for low and high ceilings.  Using existing or new layout we can help eliminate shadowing on product shelves and aisles and offer a wide range of products with warm or crisp white lighting colour.  Help your employees find the products faster and safely.  Have properly lit aisles for Fork Truck Drivers.

B – High Bay and Low Bay Fixtures  (click leaf for more info)

Up to 70% savings over traditional High Bay Lighting

  • Instant On/Off for use with Occupancy Sensors
  • No Maintenance for 70 000 hours
  • Replace ‘one for one’ existing High Bay MH
  • 120/347 Volt
  • cUL, DLC Certification

C – Cold Storage

Commercial High Bay Fixtures, low wattage bulbs and LED linear fixtures reduce cost by at least 60%, reduce heat in cold storage areas and virtually eliminate maintenance.

D – Control Systems

We use a variety of integrated control systems from occupancy sensors to light harvesting and dimming capable fixtures.  Options include a fully integrated system that informs users of usage and cut off points for set dollar amounts.  Access all data through your computer and mobile device.