Grocery / Retail

A – Parking  (click leaf for more info)

We offer the best options for covered and open parking spaces including canopy and low or high pole lighting.  We have a complete off grid system with solar and wind mounted pole lighting as well.

B – Signage

Replacing existing fluorescent style fixtures with LED tubes. Or, our new signage LED strips, provide even light distribution,  brighter signs and reduce energy and maintenance.

C – Freezers and Coolers

Replace T12, T8 and T5 lights with LED strips and LED strips with pin style tubes.  We supply the leading products on the market that provide even light distribution, correct colour and over 50% savings in energy and drastically reduced maintenance.

D – Aisles and Area Lighting

We have solutions for low and high ceilings.  Using existing or a new layout we can help eliminate shadowing on product shelves and aisles and offer a wide range of products with warm or crisp white lighting colour to suit any style of retail or grocery store.

E – Cheese, Bakery and Pastry Displays

Warm coloured LED lighting in either thin strips for under shelves, track or high bay fixtures.  We have solutions for both refrigerated and non refrigerated display cases.

F – Back Room and Cold Storage

Commercial High Bay Fixtures, low wattage bulbs and LED linear fixtures reduce cost by at least 60%, reduce heat in cold storage areas and virtually eliminate maintenance.

G – Cashier / Front End

Our new control systems use natural light from front end windows to offset the amount of light needed from in store lighting.  This means a significant amount of energy savings without compromising the proper amount of light needed for transactions at the checkout.

H – Track Lighting

Track lighting is a staple in the retail industry.  We have solutions ranging from LED PAR replacements to complete LED fixture replacements.  Substantial savings in energy make these energy efficient upgrades a wise choice.

I – Butcher Counter / Meat and Poultry

LED High Spectrum lighting for meat and poultry.  Significant savings in maintenance and energy over fluorescent Hi Spectrum lighting.