Incentives / Financing


Can’t afford new lights?  Think again…

The total cost of our LED fixtures and installation can be leased.  This means no up front cost to you and an immediate positive cash flow.


LED’s save an average of 80% on your energy bill for lighting.

You currently pay $10 000 a month for lighting with a 400 watt MH high bay light.
Switching to 150 Watt high bay LED you now pay $2000 a month.
(our 150 watt LED high bay fixture produces the same amount of light as a 400 watt MH high bay)

We take the $8000 a month savings and put that towards your lease payment.
Lease payments are less than $8000, so you would get an immediate positive cash flow.




We apply for an incentive from the Save on Energy and BC Powersmart programs on your behalf.  Go With LED will do all the paper work needed and go through all the steps needed to make sure your incentive is delivered to you after the installation.